Deep Fried Diary: Day 1

Well, North Carolina, the State Fair has finally returned and Honey Bee will be buzzing around with the rest of the Deep Fried Crew from time to time over the next week and a half to celebrate North Carolina’s Homecoming!

Today was the first full day of the fair and since I had the day off work, I made my way over to the fairgrounds to spend the day with Public Affairs in the Press Office.

Shortly after I arrived, I headed over to the flower show for the opening ceremony. Before it  started, they sent Rebecca (this year’s intern) and me back to the press office to grab something that had been left behind. So, we set off on our adventure. In the golf cart. With me behind the wheel. Scary, I know. The good news is that we survived, as did the people around us (even the stupid jerks who thought it was funny to play chicken with the golf cart).

This year, Agricultural Commissioner Steve Troxler introduced his “homecoming court” for this year’s fair: 10 mascots for 10 of North Carolina’s biggest agricultural commodities. They even used a picture I took on their Facebook page!

After the opening ceremony, we went to a lunch, where I helped served drinks. (Even on my day off, I can’t get away from “refreshing beverages,” “my pleasures” and taking food out to people’s tables.)

Later that afternoon, I worked on a press release for the House-Autry Mills cooking contests.

Jen and I also went all around the fairgrounds distributed signs for the scavenger hunt.

For dinner, Rebecca and I went out in search of some deep fried goodness. Oh, did we ever find some! I decided to stick with my fair favorite, a roasted ear of corn. While I was waiting for my corn to finish cooking, however, we noticed that the place next door had Pumpkin Funnel Cakes. It was DELICIOUS! it was topped with cinnamon sugar and cream cheese icing! YUM!

pumpkin funnel cake