High Five for Friday: July 5th

Two blogs that I follow (The Lauren Elizabeth and The Small Things Blog) link up every Friday for “High Five for Friday.” It’s a fun way to share the highlights of your week. Since I’ve been struggling to find things to blog about, I thought this would be a great way to get back in the grove. So, here’s my very first High Five for Friday post.


1. Ada Louise.

My sweet friend Abby welcomed her beautiful baby girl into this world yesterday! The birth of any baby is a special and happy occasion, but with Ada, it is especially so.

So often I get so frustrated with God’s timing. I have plans, goals and dreams; but they never seem to happen when I want them to happen. Ada’s birth is a reminder of how amazing God’s blessings are when we wait on His timing. You see, I (and others) have been praying for Ada for nearly a year and a half now.


2. The lake.

I spent last Saturday at the lake. The Clounies were fantastic hosts, and as always, we had a lovely time. The rain that was threatening to spoil our day never made its way over Kerr Lake. The only downside was that my killer sunburn from the week before made it difficult to get comfortable at times (and I had to wear long sleeves for most of the day).



3. Movie nights with Ally.

My friend Ally and I have known each other for 17 years. We met in kindergarten and went to high school together. The older we get, the sweeter our friendship becomes. She is one of those people that I can really talk to about anything, everything and nothing.

We’ve been having regular movie nights over the last week and it has been marvelous! I’m going to miss her once she goes back to Lynchburg!



4. Fourth of July.

Ally’s friend Kara came down to visit for the Fourth of July, so the three of us went to Brier Creek for dinner at Chilis, shopped around for a bit, then stayed for the fireworks. I had an awesome time. Kara was a hoot, and combined with Ally’s crazy sense of humor, I was thoroughly entertained all night!



5. Lemon sugar cookies.

I found this recipe for lemon sugar cookies on Pinterest and decided to make them on a whim the other night. They’re not the best cookies I’ve ever made, but they’re certainly not the worst.




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