A Toast

Some dear friends of mine got married recently. I was called upon to give a toast at the reception, and this is what came to my heart as I pondered what to say to them. Hope you enjoy.


First of all, I want to thank you for inviting me and everyone else here today. It is truly a privilege to be included in the most special day of your life. I especially want to thank the bride for thinking of me and counting me as one of her closest confidants and friends and including me in your bridal party. It is an honor.

To be honest, when I realized I would be toasting at your reception, I didn’t really know what to say. I haven’t been to many weddings, so I didn’t really know where to begin. How do you sum up a lifetime’s worth of friendship and a heart full of well wishes into a few minutes? So, I decided to do a Google search for “how to write a wedding toast.”

Here are some of the suggestions I found:

“May ‘for better or for worse’ be far better than worse.”

“Here’s to the bride—may she share everything with her groom—including the housework.”

“To the two secrets of a long and happy marriage—a good sense of humor and a short memory.”

The trite, albeit humorous, ditties just weren’t cutting it for me, so I realized I was going to have to kick my creative juices in high gear to come up with something better than that. So, here it goes.

As you two become one, may it not be in name alone, but may you be of one life, one love and one purpose.

May you be of one life—Live in purposeful unity. Walk the road of this life together: side by side, hand in hand, heart to heart to the very end.

May you be of one love—Equally and passionately love each other and live that out through constant service to your mate. Boldly and bravely love your future children. Create a firm foundation in your family for them to grow and become the godly leaders of tomorrow. And, unselfishly love those around you so that they may see Christ in your lives, your service and your marriage.

And finally, may you be of one purpose—To glorify God and to point others to Him.

So may we not only toast to you two and wish you well, but may we commission you as one unit now in the mission field of life.

To the bride and groom as they begin this beautiful journey in a lifetime of one-ness.

Blogging is hard

Let’s be serious for a moment… blogging is hard. Well, not for everyone, but you see, I’m not extremely creative or artsy (coloring in the lines is still a chore for me), I have no future in culinary arts (I am getting better, though) and I’m having a good day when I can get my bangs to cooperate, much less the rest of my hair. So, out goes the DIY blog, the recipe blog and the hair and makeup tutorial blog.

What do I blog about, then? Sure, I have some pretty random, funny things happen to me. But they don’t happen every day. And seriously, who really wants to read a blog post about how I practiced doing my hair for my roommate’s wedding for three hours last night? Okay, I can think of a few: my mom, my dad, my grandma… you get the point.

I’ve set a goal to blog twice a week and so far it isn’t going so well. But, I’m doing better than I’ve done before. Maybe I should just start writing about all of those crazy, weird things that have happened to me in the past. Or maybe I will include some DIY, recipes and hairstyles (although, they may be classified as disaster stories). Maybe I should write about what I’m learning in my quiet time.

Regardless of what I’m writing though, I will be writing. That is the purpose of this blog, after all. To hone a craft through practice.