Hello, my name is Jeanie Groh. I’m a senior communications major at Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, North Carolina. I am minoring in American Sign Language and journalism. I will be graduating in December 2013.

I am a Fall 2012 alumnus of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universites’ Washington Journalism Center–a semester long academic program for journalism students located in our nation’s capital. While in D.C., I interned at Religion News Service.

My first love is Jesus Christ. He took a worthless sinner and had redeemed me. I am not perfect–no, I am far from it, but He is patiently molding me into the woman he has designed me to be.

Here are some other things I love: My family. My friends. Country music. Washington, D.C. Coffee. Chick-fil-A. Social media. Diet Dr. Pepper. Hugs. Cooking. Little children. Writing. Smiling. Laughing. Boats. Beach music. Autumn. Cupcakes. The South.

Contact me:

@jlgroh on Twitter


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