And that’s a wrap: Internship week one

This has been quite the week to say the least. Classes, starting internships, a birthday and that’s not even the half of it.


I started my internship at RNS this week. Our office is located in the National Press Building. We share an office suite with the University of Missouri’s J-school D.C. program, the Committee for Concerned Journalists and several others. I work most closely with our national correspondent, Lauren and our editor, Kevin (although Kevin has been working from home).

On Tuesday, I got an awesome assignment: write a profile on the Christian rapper, Lecrae. I’ve contacted his press office to request an interview, but I’m still waiting to hear back.

On day two, I went to a press conference at the National Press Club (conveniently located on the top floor of my building). After the press conference, I had a tight deadline, so I pulled my story together as quickly as I could. By 6:00 that evening, I had my first byline on the Religion News Service Blog. I was thrilled! Here’s the link to the story. By Friday, It was posted on the Huffington Post AND the Washington Post’s “On Faith” blog.

Thursday, I was given a press release and wrote a story based on it. Here’s the story on the RNS website. It has also been included in the Huffington Post on the Washington Post’s “On Faith” blog and The Salt Lake City Tribune.

So, it’s been an exciting week. Tuesday, I’ll be going to the Capitol building to get my Capitol HIll Press Pass so that I can go to a senate hearing later nest week.


Keely’s birthday

Tuesday was Keely’s 21st birthday. Since we are all “under covenant” and can’t drink while we’re enrolled in WJC and ASP, we did our best to make it as special as possible without any of the usual 21st birthday antics.

We started it off with dinner at Yo! Sushi in Union Station. It was so fun! Lots of bright colors and it was very Tokyo-ish (well, like all the pictures I’ve seen of Tokyo). The coolest part was that the chefs made all the food, then you could grab it off the conveyer belt that went all the way around the restaurant.

After dinner, Keely and I went to Bible study in the Dellanback and then the festivities continued with Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider, alcohol free wine (yes, they do make it) and an ice cream cake. We had tons of fun… I haven’t laughed that hard since I got here!


Eastern Market

For the last two weekends, I’ve had a chance to go to Eastern Market, the farmers market close to my apartment. This week, I got mozzarella cheese, a sweet potato, some green beans, peaches and a cucumber. I even got some basil for free! There’s so much good, fresh food! I love it. The ironic thing to me is how far the farmers have to travel to get to the market. “Local” produce just isn’t that local around here (but it still tastes fantastic).

H Street Festival

After we went to Eastern Market, Keely and I went to the H Street Festival. Thousands of people gathered for plenty of good food and entertainment. Let me tell you… I thought Raleigh had tons of food trucks… It’s got nothin’ on D.C.’s food truck scene! It was loud, it was crowded and it was fun!


Tomorrow looks like church and homework, but this week has been fantastic and I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

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